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White Label Advertising Platform

Ultimate platform for advertising networks creation and management

Premium ad network

Build a PREMIUM Ad network with an ecosystem of DIRECT Publishers and Advertisers that offers ultimate ad management solutions for their needs

Add the first publishers, set up your Network commission
and start earning money immediately! Suites for all cases!

Supports all formats

Easy-start into the ad network business

Exceptional ease of implementation is guaranteed by connecting to reliable programmatic monetization sources — you concentrate on building your network, we provide a primary monetization.

Switch to modern and secure technology

You own an ad network but your tech platform is outdated? Switch to the super-modern and stable Admixer.Network — receive help with the setup process and an additional discount for the transition period!

Increase profits and effectiveness

Can't reach the maximum potential of your network? Our ultimate technology infrastructure for network participants guarantees maximum utilization! Use our holistic monetization approach to reach maximum profitability.

Ad networks formats
Mobile (Web and App)
Native ads

Inventory monetization

Monetize your network’s inventory effectively with a combination of different sales models

  • Product packages (public and private)
  • Audience slicing
  • Direct deals
  • Auction sales
  • RTB (programmatic)
  • Header bidding
  • Waterfall rules for external sources
  • Multi-level segmentation
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Ad campaigns effectiveness

Magnify the performance of network ad campaigns with exact forecasting and detailed effectiveness analysis

  • Multiple targeting options and frequency capping
  • Monitoring of 100+ KPIs
  • Precise forecasting
  • Automatic performance optimization
  • Flexible system of real-time reports
  • Data management platform
  • 50+ WOW templates
  • Audience targeting
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Monetize inventory through Admixer.AdExchange

Get smooth access to more then 100+ world-leading DSPs and advertisers.
Receive the maximum within the Programmatic ecosystem – from direct deals and open auction trades to Header Bidding and OpenRTB technology.

Ultimate interface for intuitive management

Guaranteed performance efficiency
Helpful customer support
All interfaces available in 7 languages
Convenient payment methods
Custom development
Affordable white-label solution


CPM based – pay as much as you want and monitor your spending in real-time!

In case you monetize inventory through Admixer.Adexchange (non-billable impressions for technology) – we will add up your Adex earnings and tech costs and, possibly, your balance would be zero.

Our performance






Ad views monthly


Video views monthly

Technology — choose a solution you could rely on

Admixer.Network platform is specifically designed to benefit from the capabilities of distributed cloud technologies. Allocation of our data centers around the globe provides a minimum delay in ads delivery.

Since we started using the Admixer.Network solution combined with the Admixer.Publisher Ad Server, our business flourished. I’m glad we chose Admixer for our business. There are many new plans ahead, so we are planning to enlarge our cooperation.

We are excited to cooperate with Admixer. They offer not only smart technology but also media expertise, which is priceless!

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Let us know who you are and what challenges we can help you solve or opportunities we can help you seize

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